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Inebriated student perfects recipe for Artisan Burnt Popcorn

Mullaney Hall, Monmouth University – Local party animal and functioning alcoholic Brad Piwo has absolutely nailed how to burn a bag of popcorn to delight of his neighbors. By mid-semester, Mr. Piwo has already begun to hon the culinary method known as ‘scorching’.  “I stick the bag in the microwave for a few minutes until it […]

MUPD to fully militarize by 2020 in response to rise in underage drinking

Monmouth University Police Department has decided the best way to deter underage drinking, is with brute force and grenades.

Driver Trying to Leave Rechnitz Hall Still Fucking Waiting for People to Stop Walking

Students of Monmouth know all too-well about the complete cluster-fuck of students crossing in front of the Art Building.